Hey! I’m Kate Ferguson.

I’m a Writer, Filmmaker, Film Photographer, and digital nomad based in Los Angeles, California—and travel often!

I’ve found that the more I follow my curiosity, travel, and explore in general, the more connection I find in life overall—and the better my creativity flows.

There was a period of my life where I was a bit nervous to travel frequently because I thought it meant that I would miss out on work opportunities.

Eventually, I started branching out in my work and with my art, and realized how much I value expansiveness, adventure, and growth as a lifestyle.

Kate Ferguson

As a long-term freelancer I’ve been working remotely since 2016. (And out of the traditional 9-5 world long before that.) Adding travel into the mix has not slowed down my work life. In fact, I’d say that living more broadly has helped clarify my values and motivate me towards the things that really align with me—all of which helps to attract more aligned experiences as well.

During my time as a freelancer I have worked in various aspects of digital and creative media. I’ve held roles as a writer, publicist, photographer, filmmaker, co-founder, CMO, and social media strategist/manager/content creator for a myriad of businesses from tech startups to fashion brands. The common thread for me has always been storytelling! I enjoy being able to utilize that in various arenas, particularly when it comes to blending the written word with visual aesthetics.


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Please feel free to reach out if you’re interested in working together. kate@katefergexplores.com


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