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29 Amazing Coliving and Coworking Stays for Digital Nomads

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For many travelers—digital nomads or otherwise—renting a room in a coliving space can be a very appealing way to travel. (It certainly is for me!)

Staying in a coliving and coworking space offers a lifestyle where your home is a dynamic hub of creativity, connection, and collaboration, tailored specifically for those who thrive on the thrill of exploration and the freedom to work from anywhere.

Coliving is becoming the ultimate haven for those who crave a nomadic lifestyle without compromising on comfort and community.

What are the pros of coliving for digital nomads?

  • As coliving places are fully furnished and outfitted you can literally just show up with a suitcase and slide into a temporary (or long-term) home.
  • Paying one reasonable fee that includes room, utilities, internet, kitchen access, central locations…and often lots of other perks like pools, rooftop areas, laundry, and gym access.
  • Having a built-in network, whether it’s a small intimate community or a large one of people sharing similar interests.
  • Access to coworking spaces that allow remote workers and digital nomads to stay connected—both to other people and to the internet.
  • The ability to change locations with more ease and flexibility than traditional housing rentals.
  • It removes the guesswork from renting in a foreign country or brand new city.

These days there are many easy and appealing options for co-living, whether you’re looking for a space for a short trip or whether you’re ready to commit six months. (Or more.)

Here I’ve gathered some of the best coliving spaces for digital nomads and travelers all around the world.

porto portugal
Porto, Portugal

1. Outsite

Outsite has gorgeous co-living properties around the world. They seem to particularly appeal to traveling professionals and digital nomads, with an average user age of 36.

They host people for shorter-term stays (like a week), as well as long-term. Depending on the location the price will be set by the night, week, or month, with discounts available for longer-term stays.

Members save 15% on trips of 7+ nights, 30% on 30+ night trips, and 35% on 60+ night trips.

Where in the world are they: Outsite has locations spanning the United States, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Accommodation: Outsite offers accommodation like apartments, studios, and private rooms, many of which are within houses. Some of the options have private bathrooms, while others are shared. All are fully furnished with fully equipped kitchens.

You can also expect to see features like lounge areas, decks, yards, balconies, and pools. (Location-specific, of course!)

Coworking space: Outwork has desks and plenty of work space within the residencies, both in the rooms and in the shared spaces. In some locations, there are also separate Cowork Cafes available, such as at their locations in Cais De Sodre and Porto, Portugal.

Additional info: Outsite charges a membership fee which both allows you to book with discounts on long-term stays, as well as book some of the locations at all. It’s pretty reasonable at $149 a year OR $399 for lifetime access.

Use this link to get $50 off your first stay at Outsite.

2. Cohabs

Cohabs rents out rooms in shared living properties within a few different cities. They rent on a longer-term basis, generally having a six-month minimum. However, you’re allowed to switch properties whenever you want.

The average age for a visitor is 27 and the average stay is 8 months. There is no limit to how long you can stay.

Where in the world are they: Cohabs has locations in Paris, New York, Brussels, Madrid, and Luxembourg. While they have just a few destinations, they have various options within each city. In Paris for example, they have eight different homes, ranging from having nine to 25 bedrooms in each one.

Accommodation: Cohabs are fully furnished and outfitted, with private rooms. Some of the rooms have private bathrooms, while others use shared.

You may expect to find amenities like laundry, gyms, balconies, and TV rooms.

Coworking space: The rooms in Cohabs all have their desks, and there is ample seating area throughout the homes.

Additional info: Cohabs requests a one-month deposit equal to a month’s rent.

3. Habyt

Habyt is essentially a search platform that lists both private apartments that are available for rent, as well as private rooms within co-living residences.

They are marketed more as a room finder than a community builder—they’re the only option on the list that doesn’t specifically mention group events for roommates. They list their mission as creating “affordable and sustainable living solutions around the world.”

Where in the world are they: Habyt lists locations in Europe and Asia, spanning 50 different cities.

Accommodation: Whether you’re looking for a private room or an entire apartment, all of Habyt’s rentals are fully furnished and ready for move-in. Some have TVs in the bedrooms.

Coworking space: Each Habyt location has a desk in the room, as well as some seating in shared spaces.

Additional info: To book a room through Habyt you both pay a membership fee and also put down deposits on rooms.

Selina Secret Garden Lisbon coworking
Selina Secret Garden Lisbon, Portugal

4. Selina

Technically Selinas are hostels and do offer traditional hostel-style bunk rooms. But they also offer private accommodations up to suites that are more resembling hotel rooms. They are also pet-friendly which may be a pro for many people.

As of 2024 monthly stays for Selina members are discounted 40% off the normal rates. For non-members, the monthly discount is a bit less.

That being said, Selina is a great option for last-minute bookings, group travel, or living a pretty luxurious hostel life. And they’ve got a ton of locations!

Where in the world are they: Selina has a robust assortment of locations to choose from in Mexico, USA, Central America, South America, Europe, Israel, Australia, and Asia.

Accommodation: Accommodation at Selina includes bunking in group rooms, booking family rooms, and various sizes of private rooms. There are shared restrooms and showers on every floor, while many of the private rooms also have their own.

Coworking space: Each Selina has a dedicated co-working space that you can spend extra to utilize. In London, for example, the co-working space is like a cafe area that’s on the ground floor of the building next to their restaurant. In the Lisbon, Portugal location, there’s a pretty large co-working space that’s more like an office, with various types of desks, lamps, and a kitchen.

Additional info: At Selina you’ll pay an extra fee if you want access to the coworking space. You can also pay extra to get daily breakfast at their on-site vegan restaurant. Either way, anyone staying there gets 10% off of dining during their stay.

5. LifeX

LifeX is a coliving option that is targeted towards young professionals who value flexibility in living arrangements. This particular group has an app where you can connect with other members (there are over 400) and also encourages utilizing the “Room Swap” feature to go spend time in other locations where LifeX residencies are.

Where in the world are they: LifeX living spaces are located in Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen, Munich, London, Halle, Aarhus, Oslo, and Hamburg.

Accommodation: LifeX offers fully furnished rooms in apartments with shared spaces. Most of them max out at 4-8 people, which creates what they call “family-style coliving.”

Coworking space: The bedrooms contain desks and there are tables in the shared spaces as well.

Additional info: LifeX requires that you sign up and schedule a call before moving forward with a booking. Additional info is shared at that time.

Paris France
Paris, France

6. Colonies

Colonies has been around since 2017 and was started by roommates who felt like there had to be a better way to live in large cities. They believe that “Access to hassle-free living should be everybody’s right, and a home can also be an unforgettable experience.

Where in the world are they: Colonies has locations in France, Germany, and Belgium, with many options in each city. In some locations, they also list completely private flats.

Accommodation: Renters get private rooms in shared homes or apartments. Amenities may include gardens, parking, terraces, laundry, TV rooms, etc.

Coworking space: The bedrooms have desks and there is also seating in the shared spaces.

Additional info: They have a one-time admin fee from €260. At some locations, they offer a discount on the first month’s stay.

7. Happy Pigeons

Happy Pigeons is a communal living project that is specific to Berlin. They’re very neighborhood-focused and continuously carry out research and development on housing solutions.

Where in the world are they: Happy Pigeons has locations in Berlin neighborhoods Prenzlauer Berg and Charlottenburg.

Accommodation: Happy Pigeons offers both furnished and unfurnished rooms, as well as full apartments. Rooms start at €650/month which includes coworking.

Coworking space: They have a dedicated coworking space that can be used by residents, as well as by the general public for a monthly fee.

Additional info: Minimum stays are six months and there are no maximums. There is an application process to be able to rent at Happy Pigeons.

Valencia, Spain
Valencia, Spain

8. Enso Co-Living

Enso is a community-first co-living option that is specific to Spain. They have a variety of apartments to choose from and offer events for residents.

Where in the world are they: Barcelona and Valencia Spain.

Accommodation: The rooms at Enso flats are fully furnished and offer amenities like laundry and in some cases building doormen. Many of their rooms are pretty big, with some even having a separation between the sleeping and desk areas, while others have private patios.

Coworking space: Each Enso bedroom has a desk in it.

Additional info: You can apply to an Enso room online, after which you must pass a screening. Once you pass, you can pay and move in.

9. Node Co-Living

Node Co-Living is another option that is available in a few major cities around the world. They offer both rooms for rent, as well as entire apartments. As some of their communities are within large buildings versus single-family homes, there’s a lot of opportunity for meeting people and networking.

Where in the world are they: Barcelona, Madrid, Dublin, London, New York, and Los Angeles.

Accommodation: Some of Node’s locations are brand new. The modern buildings offer private mini studios, co-working spaces, gyms, pools, restaurants, grocery stores, and other common areas.

Coworking space: There are desks in the bedrooms, as well as shared coworking spaces available.

Additional info: Node is currently accepting applicants for a residency program in Madrid where chosen members would receive a discount on rent in exchange for hosting workshops or events a few times each month.

coliving in Taghazout Morocco
Taghazout, Morocco

10. SunDesk

SunDesk is a coworking and coliving space that is located in Taghazout Morocco. There are a lot of options when it comes to utilizing the space, from day passes to long-term stays. SunDesk offers free daily breakfast as a way to bring the group together, as well as other activities like skillshares, games, movie nights, and more.

Where in the world are they: Taghazout is a seaside village in the north of Agadir, southern Morocco. From the location, you can day trip to cities like Marrakesh, Essaouira, or Mirleft.

Accommodation: They offer three room types: budget, standard, or premium. All of them include breakfast and office space. The premium options include private terraces and kitchens, and seafront locations.

Coworking space: Not only does SunDesk have a multi-level coworking space, it has views of the nearby sea.

Additional info: All taxes are included in their listed prices, so there are no surprises when it comes to booking.

11. Neighbourgood

Neighbourgood has various locations in South Africa and the United States. They offer rooms for stay and access to their Neighbourgood Work Club.

Where in the world are they: They have 14 locations in South Africa, and their three U.S. locations are all located in Redwood City, California.

Accommodation: Some of their locations are social hotels, while others are houses. For example, their Green Point, Neighbourgood Hill Capetown location has 32 furnished private suites with en-suite bathrooms. Amenities might include pools, bars, and other outside spaces.

Coworking space: In some of their locations they have robust coworking spaces with common areas, meeting rooms, and private offices.

Additional info: They have their own app that can be used as a guide for things to do in the areas.

12. Treehouse

Treehouse is based in Los Angeles. They put a lot of emphasis on the connectivity aspect and how it can help create opportunity.

Where in the world are they: Treehouse is located in Hollywood, California.

Accommodation: Treehouse offers (beautifully) furnished private rooms with shared kitchen spaces. Some of the rooms have balconies. Other amenities include a cafe, art studio, recording lounge, laundry, and a rooftop garden and lounge.

Coworking space: Treehouse offers lots of user-friendly shared spaces and community-wide wi-fi.

Additional info: Treehouse requires a year commitment to move in. In addition to hosting events for their residents, Treehouse also sometimes hosts community events.

13. U-Co

U-Co is a Mexico-based coliving and coworking community. They also have a social club that you can join for $25 a month, should you desire to take part in their community but have a place to stay somewhere else.

Where in the world are they: U-Co has locations in Mexico City and Guadalajara.

Accommodation: U-Co offers a variety of room types with perks like private patios or kitchen spaces.

Coworking space: They offer in-room desks as well as community spaces.

Additional info: There are no contracts to stay at U-Co and you can stay for as long as you’d like.

Bali Indonesia

14. Outpost

Outpost has three locations in Bali and one in Sri Lanka that are great coliving spaces for digital nomads. They offer weekly social and educational events from family dinners to weekend trips.

Where in the world are they: Canguu, Ubud (two options there), and Weligama.

Accommodation: The private rooms at Outpost are fully furnished and come with amenities like pool access or private terraces.

Coworking space: Outpost has three different coworking spaces in Bali, and usage is free if you book a long-term stay in one of their rooms. The coworking buildings are separate from the living spaces, but just a short walk away.

Additional info: Outpost also hosts customizable team retreats.

15. 20Mission

20Mission is one of the largest coliving homes in San Francisco with a whopping 40 rooms. The location was originally founded in 2012 as a crypto hacker house, and according to the website their “entrepreneurial spirit is still strong.” They offer lots of community events like potlucks, live music, movie nights, and tech meetups.

Where in the world are they: The residence is located in the Mission of San Francisco, California.

Accommodation: At 20Mission you can sign leases from 3 months to a year (and are welcome to stay longer.) Rooms are available furnished or not.

Coworking space: All of the rooms can come with a desk, and there is also an office space for coworking.

Additional info: There are a few pets in the house!

London, England
London, England

16. The Collective

The Collective is a London-based coliving and coworking space with no limit for how long you can stay. They offer community activities such as pasta making, graffiti workshops, and yoga. Extra perks include an optional gym membership.

Where in the world are they: West London.

Accommodation: They offer completely private rooms as well as rooms within two-bedroom apartments.

Coworking space: There are workstations within the rooms as well as community coworking spaces.

Additional info: To move in you’ll sign a 3-month to year-long lease, but you’re welcome to renew as much as you’d like.

17. Nine Coliving

Nine Coliving is located in a historic area on the island of Tenerife Spain. They’re big on community and host activities like yoga, BBQ, hikes, and Kirtan.

Where in the world are they: Tenerife Spain.

Accommodation: Nine offers shared rooms with bunk beds, single rooms, and double rooms. The building was built in 1852! The room rates include daily breakfast.

Coworking space: The coworking space at Nine has 14 different desks. Other spaces that are appropriate for working include the roof, garden, patio, and living room.

Additional info: Long-term discounts apply for people who plan on sticking around for a while.

Canary Islands
Tenerife, Spain

18. Repeople Coliving

Repeople is another coliving community-based in the Canary Islands of Spain. Most of their locations are homes with around 6-8 rooms but they have one that can house up to 62 people. They host bi-monthly events like hikes, yoga, surf lessons, and movie nights.

Where in the world are they: They have one location in Tenerife and five in Gran Canaria.

Accommodation: Many of the private rooms have desks and TVs. Towels and linens are supplied fresh each week.

Coworking space: In addition to having a coworking space, most of the rooms at Repeople have desks, and there are workspaces in the common areas.

Additional info: They offer complimentary usage of washers and dryers. (Even the detergent is free!) Each week the place is professionally cleaned.

19. Masaya Coliving 

If you’re looking for a coliving option for digital nomads in Columbia, Masaya is the place. They offer both shared bunk rooms and private rooms, and have coworking spaces and restaurants on location.

Where in the world are they: Masaya has coliving options in Bogota, Cartagena, Medellin, Minca, San Augustin, Santa Marta, Tayrona, and Barichara.

Accommodation: Their shared bunk rooms offer lockers and shared bathrooms. Their private rooms may come with balconies, closets, and desks, and private bathrooms.

Coworking space: They offer a coworking space with free wi-fi.

Additional info: Depending on the location Masaya might also offer swimming pools, live music, laundry, organic gardens, cultural activities, and more.

20. Mokrin House

Mokrin House just has one location, in the village of Mokrin, Serbia. The modern building is located in a rural area with bikes on hand for trips into the village. This is a unique option when it comes to coliving for digital nomads, partly because of Mokrin House’s commitment to community involvement.

Where in the world are they: Mokrin, Serbia, which is close to both the Romanian and Hungarian border.

Accommodation: They have shared rooms for two or six, as well as fully private accommodations. Their Comfort rooms include a mini fridge, closet, and slippers. All of the room prices include three meals a day.

Coworking space: They offer a two-story workspace that is open 24 hours a day. It is separate from the rest of the living space.

Additional info: Additional perks include a pool, gym, movie nights, and knowledge exchanges.

coliving in Sydney Australia
Sydney, Australia

21. UKO

In Australia, one of the coliving options for digital nomads is UKO. Each of their buildings has a local host to help get you connected and offers things like cleaning supplies free of charge.

Where in the world are they: They have a variety of buildings in different neighborhoods of both Melbourne and Sydney.

Accommodation: As for rooms, you’ll find a few different studio styles with kitchenettes and private bathrooms. Some also have balconies.

Coworking space: Each apartment has a workspace and free wifi.

Additional info: There is a one-time membership application fee of $100 and they offer flexible contracts whether you plan to stay for months or years.

22. A Landing Pad

Spain’s A Landing Pad welcomes anyone interested in coliving, digital nomads or otherwise. They’ve got students and artists in addition to remote workers.

Where in the world are they: A Landing Pad is located in the neighborhood of Poble Sec in Barcelona, Spain. As of writing a second location in Girona is coming soon.

Accommodation: Their furnished rooms come with desks, wifi, “rain-fall” style showers, either bay windows or terraces, and even wall murals.

Coworking space: There are tables in the shared spaces.

Additional info: They require a one-month minimum stay, appealing to many “slow” nomads.

23. Chateau Co-Living

If you’re interested in staying in a literal castle, good news. Chateau Co-Living offers just that. The 12th-century castle is joined by a 17th-century manor house, creating space for 25 nomads and travelers. On top of living and working space, the property also has a chapel, two rivers, a library, a fireplace, and a tennis court, among other things.

Where in the world are they: Normandy, France

Accommodation: There are a variety of different room types to choose from as well as apartments that are suitable for families.

Coworking space: They have a large workspace as well as plenty of shared spaces that have tables. (This is a castle after all.) Many of the rooms also have desks in them. Digital nomads will no have problem finding a spot to get work done here.

Additional info: Chateau Co-Living requires a one-month stay, although many choose to extend their stay.

24. Flagey 10

Flagey 10 is a mansion located in Brussels, and a great coliving option for digital nomads. There are 15 private bedrooms and ten bathrooms. The house also offers a gym, cinema room, and the usage of bikes.

Where in the world are they: Ixelles Brussels

Accommodation: The private rooms are furnished and have desks with wifi.

Coworking space: There is a coworking space in addition to the desks that are in the bedrooms.

Additional info: Flagey 10 requires a six-month minimum stay. All bills are included in the monthly rate.

25. Hub 53

Hib 53 offers coliving for digital nomads in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In addition to a coworking space, they offer a shared kitchen, private refrigerators, and coin-operated washers and dryers on site.

Where in the world are they: Outside the Old City in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Accommodation: They offer both private and family rooms.

Coworking space: The coworking space includes desks within an open floor plan area as well as private office areas. There are also many places to work in the common areas.

Additional info: They also offer a Colearning environment where entrepreneurs can share their experiences and learn from one another. Anyone who signs up to teach a workshop on their own experitse can get 20% off their stay.

26. Coconat

Coconat is “Europe’s first Workation Retreat.” The manor is set in the countryside outside of Berlin, and emphasizes being able to spend time in nature. In addition to having lots of seating outside, there are also gardens, lawns, a natural pool, and plenty of outdoor space to explore.

Where in the world are they: Brandenburg Germany.

Accommodation: Coconat offers high-quality hotel rooms that can sleep one to six people, pods, camping, and glamping. There’s something for every type of digital nomad. Visitors are welcome to bring their own tent or van.

Coworking space: They offer both indoor and outdoor workspace, as well as meeting rooms and event spaces.

Additional info: A stay at Coconat includes three meals a day. They host individuals as well as work groups who come together.

coliving Jávea Spain
Jávea, Spain

27. Sun & Co

Sun & Co has been open in Spain since 2015. They emphasize the community elements of coliving for digital nomads, even connecting you with housemates before you arrive at the location. There are many group activities to take part in, such as skillshares, professional events, and nights out.

Where in the world are they: Jávea, Spain.

Accommodation: Sun & Co offer both shared and private rooms.

Coworking space: They have three different types of office space in a coworking space that is open 24 hours a day.

Additional info: Many people who visit Sun & Co return, and many visitors have met travel buddies, friends, and even found relationships.

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28. Evolve Coliving

This home in Malta has 15 private bedrooms and a ton of great amenities. You’ll find a pool, jacuzzi, gym, coworking space, garden, BBQ, and more. Owners Matt and Ola have been hosting digital nomads and travelers since 2015 and screen each applicant who applies for a stay.

Where in the world are they: Malta, Croatia

Accommodation: Each of the private rooms has its own workspace, and some have terraces and even private kitchens.

Coworking space: There is group coworking space available in addition to working spaces within each room. Plus, great wifi!

Additional info: There is a one-month minimum for stays, and rooms are 30% of between December and March.

29. Finca

In southern Spain you’ll find Finca, an eco-living property in La Palmera. The property looks a lot like a boutique hotel and the type of place you could really zen-out. In addition to having things like a yoga platform on the property, the location is not far from the beautiful coast.

Where in the world are they: Finca, Spain

Accommodation: Each of the rooms on the property has a private bathroom and private garden entrance. They’re available for single or double occupation, with one queen or two double beds. (And they’re gorgeous.)

Coworking space: There are communal workspaces on the property.

Additional info: Finca is outside of a major city center so getting there either requires taking a bus or renting a car and driving from the airport. Once there you can take part in activities and outings such as day trips to Morocco.

Do you have other suggestions for great coliving locations for digital nomads? Let me know!

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