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5 Places to Get Film Developed in Madrid, Spain

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Wondering where to get film developed in Madrid, Spain? In the heart of Madrid, amidst the bustling streets and historic landmarks, lies a vibrant community of film photography enthusiasts. For those who appreciate the artistry and nostalgia of analog photography, Madrid offers a haven of film photo development labs that breathe life into captured moments. Here we’ll delve into the world of film labs in Spain’s capital city, exploring the diverse range of labs that cater to every photographer’s needs.

From traditional darkrooms to modern facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Madrid’s film photo labs preserve the timeless charm of analog photography while embracing innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a curious beginner, these labs offer a spectrum of services, from film processing and printing to scanning and digital conversion.

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1. Interphoto

Interphoto is a traditional photo lab based in Madrid. They’ll process many types of film including E-6, C-41, X-Pro, black and white, and ECN-2 processes, from 110 format to 20×25 cm plates. To avoid scratches and discolorations they process color film in Tecnolab Dip & Dunk processors, and scan with a Fuji Frontier SP3000 scanner.

Location: C. de Cartagena, 154, Chamartín, 28002 Madrid

2. La Peliculera

La Peliculera is a photo shop in Madrid. The sell cameras, gear, and film, and offer film development services. They also host workshops and photo sessions on location. Getting film developed with them is as easy as paying online and sending in your film. If you don’t have a printer to print your proof of purchase, they accept a handwritten note.

Location: C. de Argensola, 2, Centro, 28004 Madrid, Spain

3. Contado Pierde

Contado Pierde is not only a camera shop and film developing lab, it’s also a community. They host activities, workshops, and encourage collaboration within the world of analog. You can learn how to develop your own film, or of course, get it processed there. They offer, developing, scanning, or both at once.

Location: Calle Carnero, 15, 28005, Madrid

4. Solo Foto

Solo Foto will process any type of film: 35mm, 120, 110, black and white, color or slide. They offer multiple resolutions of scans and can digitize them, as well as make prints. They offer workshops, courses, and have a full camera shop.

Location: C. del Príncipe de Vergara, 203, Chamartín, 28002 Madrid, Spain

5. 1826 Film Lab

1826 Film Lab in Madrid, Spain accepts film through the mail for development. They’ll process color film, black and white, E-6 slide, and ECN-2, and offer scanning services too. They can either send your negatives back to you after they’re been processed, or dispose of them. (At your discretion.)

This lab is unique in the fact that they’re open to process film that’s been experimenting with things such as crossovers, bleach bypass, ENR, B&W slide, and modifications to the color processes. They request that you write what you’d like to do and include that in the package with your film.

Location: C. de El Escorial, 14, Centro, 28004 Madrid, Spain

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