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I was pleased to find how many great options there are to get 35mm film developed in Barcelona, Spain. In general, I process a lot of film at home and usually wait until the end of my trips to do so. However, on one particular trip my film had already been forced through multiple TSA x-ray scanners and I was nervous about it going through any more.

By the time I got to Barcelona, I started looking into options for local film processing there. All of the options on this list offer rush shipping, as well as the option to mail your negatives to you if you happen to leave town before your film is done processing.

A 35mm black and white photo from Barcelona, Spain. Two women walk through a dark alley toward the light.
A 35mm photo from Barcelona, Spain

Here are some of the best options for getting film processed in Barcelona.

Carmencita Film Lab

Carmencita Film Lab is an easy option to trust when it comes to getting film developed in Barcelona. The film lab was formed by photographers and they have a beautiful, easy-to-use website.

In addition to accepting film drop-offs in person, Carmencita Film Lab also accepts film by mail. They offer film processing services, scanning, and printing, as well as other services like camera repair.

They process all film by hand so they have a general five-day turnaround, but paying for rush processing is an option. If you happen to be traveling in Barcelona when you drop your film off, they will send your negatives back to wherever your home base might be. They also sell film, so it’s a great place to get replenished!

And they’re not just based in Barcelona. You can also find a Carmencita Film Lab in Madrid, Valencia, Portugal, the Arab Emirates, and Japan.

Where to find them: Baixada de Viladecols nº2 Esq. 08002 Barcelona SPAIN

Revelab Studio

Revelab Studio offers analog film processing in Barcelona for color film (C41) and (ECN-2), and black and white or slide film (E-6.) They’ll develop and scan 35mm, 120, 220, 126, and 110 film formats.

You can also choose your preferred quality of film scans as they always use professional-grade scanners.

When getting your film developed at Revelab Studio you are welcome to either drop your film off in person or send it in. Their turnaround time for developing color film is 4 days, while black and white film is 7-8 days. Rush processing is also an option.

They also have tons of film types and cameras in their online shop.

Where to find them: C/ Aragón 381 – Local (08013, Barcelona)


CasanovaFoto has been servicing photographers in Barcelona and Madrid since 1972. In addition to selling all types of camera gear, they have a film lab where they offer printing, developing, enlargement, digitization, photofinishing, and video production.

They’ll process negatives, slides, black and white film, cross processes, forced development, and make and contact strips. They’ll also convert films shot on Super8 or other film types into digital files.

Where to find them: Ronda Universitat, 35,08007, Barcelona


DubbleLab is a film lab owned by the film brand DubbleFilm. At one point they joined forced forces with another Barcelona-based film lab called Amigou Lab, and are now operating together under the name DubbleLab.

At DubbleLab Barcelona you can get pretty much anything processed: color film, black and white film, slide film, ECN2, and disposable cameras. You’re welcome to bring your film in or send it in. If you choose to send it in and want your film returned they charge a small fee for that. They’ll also hang on to your film if you’re planning to be there soon.

DubbleFilm also sells its own branded products, including cameras and film.

Where to find them: Zamora 99, 3rd 2nd Poblenou

Do you know of other great film labs in Barcelona? Let me know!

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