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Where to Get Film Developed in Lisbon, Portugal

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There are a few different options for where to get film developed in Lisbon, Portugal. I started researching the topic after having some film damaged by airport security X-rays. In some places, airport security will do hand checks so that 35mm film can skip the X-rays. I had a pretty good streak going for a while. However, my streak was broken when I went to leave Lisbon, which is rather strict on the matter. I was informed that the X-ray would likely damage my film and that I should have gotten clearance in advance.

The X-ray did damage my film—by the time I got it developed it had gone through a few X-rays. I did not know there was a possibility of getting clearance ahead of time—you live and you learn. And then you also consider that getting film developed as soon as possible versus trying to get it around various airport X-rays can be preferable.

Here are some of the top rates options on where to get film developed in Lisbon.

Carmencita Film Lab

Carmencita Film Lab opened its Lisbon location in 2020. They have a variety of other locations in Europe, including one in Barcelona.

This film lab will develop, print, and scan your film. They accept walk-in drop-offs as well as make it easy to send film in. All C41 & B&W are processed locally, while E-6 & ECN-2 are sent out. If you drop your negatives off while traveling and want them returned along with your digital copies, they will mail the negatives to you.

In addition to processing film here, you can also purchase fresh film at this location. They sell Kodak, Fujifilm, Ilford, Lomography, Bergger, Silbersalz, Cinestill, and Polaroid.

Where to find them: Edificio I, R. Rodrigues de Faria 103 Piso 1, Loja 1.22 1300-472 Lisboa PORTUGAL

The Lisbon Frame

The Lisbon Frame accepts walk-in negative drop-offs as well as mail-in. In addition to offering local film processing services, The Lisbon Frame also offers darkroom workshops and photo walk tours.

Their photo tours are a great way to get to know the area through the eyes of a local guide, with destinations like downtown Lisbon, Chiado, Carmo, Portas do Sol, and Alfama.

They also do other fun activities like film swaps where two people shoot double exposures on the same roll of film. People can take part as strangers so they don’t know what the other person shot until they see the processed film. Examples of prints and local updates can be found on their Instagram account.

Where to find them: Rua dos Remédios nº 84 Lisboa, Alfama 1100-305 Portugal


Colorfoto is a camera store in Lisbon (as well as Porto) that also offers film processing services. Their technicians have been trained with certifications in Fujifilm, Kodak, and Epson Prophoto.

Processing options include both color and black-and-white film. They will ship your negatives to you if you don’t want to pick them up in person.

It’s also a good store to visit if you need to restock film. Their in-store film selection includes 35mm, 120, sheet film, and instant film. Brands include Kodak, Cinestill, AGFA, Fujifilm, Harman, Adox, and Ilford.

Where to find them: Av. da Igreja 39 D E, 1700-233 Lisboa, Portugal

Focus AG

Note: Focus AG is not in Lisbon, they are in Açores. And then only offer film processing, and do NOT offer film scanning. But if you have a scanner at home they are a good option for getting film processed because they are so reasonable. Like 3 euros to process a roll type of reasonable.

They accept mail-ins and will send your processed film back to you. They recommend using CTT services if you’re shipping your film.

Where to find them: Get in touch if you’re planning to be local and they’ll send you the info.

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